Russian Explorers to Drive 5,000 Miles to Canada, Over the North Pole

Tomorrow a Russian-led expedition will attempt to drive from their country’s north shore to Canada, across the North Pole, a dangerous journey that is expected to take months to complete.

If successful it will be the first time anyone has driven (yes, driven) from Russia to Canada, thanks to special vehicles with over-inflated tires that will allow the arctic trucks to float on water.

The group of Scientists, including two Canadians, plan to study polar bear populations and climate change, but the bigger goal is to test Russia’s GLONASS satellite navigation technology – a rival to GPS that the Russian government wants to make the basis of cell-phone and navigation technology in the country and beyond. It’s also a chance for Russia to exert its claim on arctic lands, in an increasingly heated battle to solidify ownership of the oil-rich region

The journey begins February 17th and is expected to take until the end of June, crossing in to Canada some time in May.

[Source: Reuters]