19 Percent of Drivers Surf the Internet While Driving

If you’ve ever wondered as to the mental capacity of your fellow commuters, here’s a statistic that will confirm your deepest suspicions: 19 percent of drivers admit to browsing the Internet from their cell phones, while on the road.

That’s one in five drivers, according to a survey conducted in November by insurance company State Farm. Of course, this could be low among certain groups of drivers for the 912 people the company asked, and State Farm plans to conduct another study soon. Why? Most of the people who admitted to playing with their smartphones while driving were teenagers and younger drivers—usually the least experienced on the road, which could lead to massive carnage.

Those who go online while going on the highway acknowledge the dangers, but aren’t too concerned about it—the study found that these drivers would only change their behavior after they’ve been in some sort of accident. Hopefully nobody will be seriously hurt or killed when that happens—and hopefully, it won’t involve you.

[Source: USA Today]