2012 BMW M5 Dual-Clutch Transmission Confirmed [Fanboy PSA]


Did you hear that? Yup, a collective sigh of relief from the nearly 5 million fans BMW has on Facebook.

Back in February Motor Trend stirred the Bimmer fanboy pot by reporting (erroneously) that the upcoming M5 would come exclusively with an automatic transmission. Instead, MT stated it would get the same ZF 8-speed auto-box as in the X5 M and X6 M, claiming BMW engineers couldn’t make the brand’s 7-speed DCT hold up to the M5’s tremendous torque.

That report has now been debunked by Chris Harris of EVO Magazine, who was recently invited to the arctic to drift the M5 on a frozen lake. Harris admits it’s a pretty pointless exercise, but we wouldn’t turn down the chance either.

In a brief article he reports that the car does in fact have a 7-speed DCT and that output is beyond that of the 555-hp M SUVs. Shift times are quicker than the current M5’s single-clutch setup too!

Look for more info to slip out in the lead-up to the car’s Frankfurt Auto Show debut in September.

[Source: EVO]

See video of the new M5 after the jump:

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