BrainDriver Uses Your Mind To Control Your Vehicle

Hope you’ve had your cup of coffee and are feeling alert this morning, especially if you’re using the BrainDriver. You’ll be using your sharp mind to drive you to work with this new innovation.

A new technology that is under development at Freie Universität Berlin, BrainDriver consists of a head cap that uses 16 sensors, giving the driver complete control of the car with their mind. The sensors tap into an interface that connects with the primary functions of a vehicle. The users who are testing the Braindriver out must first undergo a bit of training before taking it out on the course. The technology, otherwise known as electroencephalography, is coming closer to fruition and may be accessible to all of us sooner than you think (pun intended).

There’s a video after the jump you have to watch – it’s pretty cool what researchers are coming out with these days. Would you give the BrainDriver a test drive? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Coolest Gadgets]