EU Wants To Ban Petrol And Diesel Vehicles From City Centers, UK Disagrees

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq
eu wants to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from city centers uk disagrees
Recently, the E.U. (European Union) announced plans to ban petrol and diesel powered vehicles from city centers by 2050 in the interest to improve air quality, while also reducing dependence on fossil fueled vehicles. However, U.K. (United Kingdom) is not on board with this idea.

U.K’s Transport minister Norman Baker says these choices should be made by individual cities, based on their needs and agenda, and not as a collective agreement. He added by saying, “We will not be banning cars from city centers anymore than we will be having rectangular bananas.”

The E.U. wants to reduce traffic and smog in city centers and are even looking to expand their plans to encourage rail travel over distances over 186-miles and hopes to cut emissions by 60% by 2050.

The U.K. wants to do things their own way by “decarbonising road transport by, for example, investing more than £400m over the next four years to support electric vehicles and promoting alternatives to car travel like walking and cycling,” said Baker.

[Source: BBC]

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  • Christopher Christopher on Apr 01, 2011

    If you actually think we'll even be even manufacturing personal cars that run on petrol or diesel in 40 years time you need to take a reality check. Ever heard of peak oil?

  • Pete Thompson Pete Thompson on Mar 21, 2012

    Excellent news, id bring it close to 2020. They currently have no incentives, bringing out yet another diesel or petrol 'range' just with different styles. Crack on I say, im SICK of fuel prices being so high. Theyre just scared because theyve been hoarding oil for years