Geneva 2011: Toyota Confirms Yaris Hybrid for 2013 as Yaris HSD Concept Debuts

Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show in concept form, the Yaris HSD Hybrid will head into production next year as a 2013 model for Europe.

Based on the new Yaris (yet to debut in North America), the Yaris HSD Concept brings Toyota‘s legendary hybrid synergy drive powertrain to the B-segment, promising the lowest emissions for a sub-compact.

No details about the powertrain have been reveal, although it’s likely the Yaris Hybrid will use a smaller engine than the 1.8-liter currently found in the Prius and Auris hybrids.

Set to be manufactured in France, Toyota Motor Europe boss Didier Leroy extolled the virtues of hybrids for the European market at the Yaris HSD’s launch, pointing out that hybrids have a 25 percent lower maintenance cost that other gasoline or diesel powered cars. In addition, Toyota’s push for hybrids in Europe finally seems to be working, with Leroy commenting that those considering a hybrid car as their next vehicle has grown from 8 percent two years ago to 16 percent last year.

GALLERY: Toyota Yaris HSD Concept