Genesis Teases Wild Vision GT Digital Hypercar, Debuts December 2

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Con: don't expect this to make production. Pro: It's way more affordable than any other Genesis.

Genesis just showed off the production GV80 Coupe SUV last week, and now the Korean luxury brand is teasing another car? It's true, but this one is different in a few key ways. Namely, it's not real. Here's a first look at the Genesis Vision Gran Turismo.

Some background: Vision Gran Turismo is a long-running program consisting of digital concept cars for the Gran Turismo series. First launched a decade ago in Gran Turismo 6, the program has since encompassed 30 manufacturers and couchbuilders. VGT allows designers to explore forms and vehicles that may never see the real world—although some Visions have previewed upcoming models or, in the case of the McLaren Solus, became eventual (limited) production cars.

Back to the Genesis VGT. A short teaser released on the official Gran Turismo YouTube channel confirms the hypercar will debut December 2. This coincides with the Gran Turismo World Series Finals in Barcelona, where dozens of sim racers will compete for three titles. While we see very little of the car, there was an initial video last year as part of a discussion with Genesis designers John Krsteski and Samir Sadikhov at last year's event.

We see the brand's distinctive two-line lighting signature front and center, with the diamond shape up front. A low nose and high wheel arches give it a distinct prototype race car vibe, with what looks like a floating wing element making up the top portion of the nose. Another shadowy angle shows the rear three-quarter, where we can just make out a huge rear diffuser and twin-line rain light. Curiously, there are distinct fuel-filler caps: a sign the VGT would (theoretically) use hydrogen? Maybe.

The final image shows a unique oval cut-out for the tail, which incorporates a low-profile spoiler and two vents on the corners. The brand's twin-line taillight treatment sits just behind this. This angle gives a clear view of the gullwing-style doors, as well.

Why does this digital concept matter? It's no secret that Genesis is exploring the idea of expanding its lineup beyond the core sedans and SUVs of today. While it's unlikely the brand would start with a hypercar, the Vision Gran Turismo could provide hints of future plans. And with GT7 currently just $30 as part of a Black Friday sale, this is one affordable hypercar—in a matter of speaking.

We'll see the Vision Gran Turismo in its entirety next weekend, December 2—possibly even in a full-sized real world form, as other brands have done. Stay tuned.

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Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

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