PlugShare App Shows You Where You Can Recharge Your EV

When you’re out for a long drive in your electric car, you’ll never have to worry about where you’ll find the next charging station, thanks to the PlugShare iPhone app.

If you own an electric vehicle, you know the stress that comes along with planning a trip according to where you can charge up. The PlugShare app lets you or anyone else sign up to turn their house until an electric vehicle charging station. Since it can be difficult to find a charging station, this is the ideal compromise. Private residences can offer their outlets and extension cords to keep EVs on the move. If you wanted to drop by and power up, you would use the app to call or text to ask permission.

If you want to help out and be a part of the electric solution, you can sign up a house or business address to give EVs a boost. You can download for free at the iTunes store.

[Source: Oh Gizmo!]