Volvo P1800 Turns 50 This Year, Still A Looker


When most people think of Volvo, they think of boxy designs, however, that has not always been the case, and current Volvo’s are as sleek and curvy as cars get.

While Volvo has produced some attractive cars in its lifetime, perhaps the most loved and admired is the P1800. While first prototypes of this car hit the roads in 1960, eager buyers had to wait another year to get their hands on this beautiful 2+2 coupe. Interesting point to note, while the prototypes were built by the Italian coachbuilder Frua, initial production vehicles were built by Jensen Motors in U.K.

While officially Volvo offered two body styles, the original coupe followed by an estate version in 1971, a US-built convertible model was also briefly teased in 1966.

Perhaps the two most famous P1800’s belonged to Simon Templar (played by Roger Moore) from the TV-series  “The Saint” and Irv Gordon, a teacher who has covered 2.8-million miles in 45-years of ownership.

Even after 50-years, the design looks well proportioned and beautiful, and it will be celebrated at the TecnoClassica show in Essen, Germany at the end of March.

Volvo is under Chinese ownership at the moment, so let’s hope they will consider doing a new sports coupe that will also stand the test of time like the P1800 has.

[Source: Carscoop]