Carlsson Super GT C25 Royale: Custom Mercedes SL65 the Ultimate in Exclusivity

Carlsson Super GT C25 Royale: Custom Mercedes SL65 the Ultimate in Exclusivity

A Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG is a rather nice car. It combines luxury and power in a hard-top convertible package that would please just about anyone. However, some people want more, like more power and more exclusivity. For those, renowned Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson has the answer. It’s newest creation is called the Super GT C25 Royale, and it’s rather special.

For a kick-off, it is based on the SL65, which is the most powerful and the most expensive version of the SL-class. Carlsson begins by re-clothing the exterior and in the process, turns this hard-top convertible into a fixed roof coupe. The new sleek coupe styling is quite stunning, even though it looks like a Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin love child.

The interior will be familiar to any SL owner, but now its just covered in the finest materials and in any color your heart desires.

Speaking of your heart, it will certainly start racing when you put your foot down. Carlsson has worked its magic on the twin-turbo V12 motor, so now it produces 753 hp and an electronically limited 848 lb/ft of torque. That means overtaking other vehicles will not be an issue. All this power is fed to the rear-wheels via a five-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters.

This Super GT is quite a car, and it will be rare. Carlsson will be building just 25 examples of this model, one for each country it’s products are sold in, so if you want one, you better hurry to find out if you can have one where you reside. Oh, and be sure your bank balance is rather healthy also. The C25 Royale will set you back $603,000 for a base model (specialty options can raise that price by quite a lot). That is a lot of money but then again, it is a very unique and interesting car and you certainly won’t see yourself coming the other way.