Toyota Unsure About Production For May To July

Labeled as perhaps the worst natural disaster to ever hit a nation, the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation of Japan last month, is still causing an effect on its people and industry.

Many car companies have suffered and Toyota, the largest car company in Japan is no exception. Their production delays will have an effect on Toyota dealers in America.

In a letter sent to Toyota dealers on April 10, 2011. Toyota U.S.A. Division General Manager Bob Carter said, “Today we have good levels of inventory, but inventory will be getting tighter. What we don’t know are vehicle production levels for May through July. The potential exists that supply of new vehicles could be significantly impacted this summer.”

Currently, over 300,000 new Toyota’s are in stock, and the spare parts supply business is so far not effected. Production at Toyota’s North American plants is now running at three-days a week, and the Japanese production facilities are running at 50% of their normal capacity.

Shipping has been affected also, with Toyota to ship vehicles from Japan once every two weeks, with stops at six or more ports on each voyage, said Carter.

[Source: Automotive News]