2012 Honda Civic Pops Out Of A Multi-Story Cereal Box

Jeff Cobb
by Jeff Cobb

In light of post-earthquake supply disruptions, Honda Civics may be a bit scarce where you are, but in Canada where the Civic has been the number-one selling car for 13 years straight, they now come in giant cereal boxes – or so a Vancouver ad agency would have you believe.

Honda is already marketing the car to a younger audience with fantastical themes, but this takes it to a new level, and may become a trend in trying to get peoples’ attention in an age where many think we’ve seen just about everything.

A similarly larger-than-life ad was a facade for a recent tall Hot Wheels ad on a real highway made to look like a car could do a quick loop along its way.

[Source: Adweek]

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Honda Civic: The Prize from Jarrod Banadyga on Vimeo.

Jeff Cobb
Jeff Cobb

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