Porsche Denies Next 911 to Get KERS Hybrid Tech

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq
It has been in the rumor-mill for a while that Porsche will be offering hybrid technology in their next-generation 911 models. Considering Porsche is using such technology in the 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car, it seems feasible that such technology will trickle down to the production road-going model, especially since this system has just given Porsche a win at the Nürburgring Long Distance Championship in Germany.

Porsche, however, has other plans. A company executive said that hybrid technology is only being applied to the racecar for the present time. If and when such features make their way to the production 911, it will probably be a plug-in system, rather than a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) derived device.

The reason Porsche is said to be resisting such technology for its road cars is because they don’t want to dilute the Porsche driving experience. While their other models like the Panamera and the Cayenne have already gone the hybrid route, the company’s most well-known model will remain pure and true to its route, at least for now.

[Source: Autocar]

Nauman Farooq
Nauman Farooq

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