Hyundai To Challenge Suzuki's Dominance In India With Eon Small Car

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
hyundai to challenge suzuki s dominance in india with eon small car

Suzuki may be an also ran in America, but in India, their Maruti Suzuki partnership can boast the title of “best-selling car” with their Alto subcompact. With a population of 1 billion people, the Indian market is a significant one, and the Japanese auto maker is facing competition not just from home grown efforts like Tata, but Hyundai as well.

The Alto is a pretty antiquated platform, and Hyundai is hoping that their new effort, dubbed the Eon, will not only be more technologically advanced, but price competitive, at around $6,000. Powering the Eon will be a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine making 80 horsepower.

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  • Aprichit Aprichit on Sep 25, 2011

    Are you sure that the Hyundai engine would be 1.2L for just $6000? Means the customers should not by i10 and i20 and Santro for sure. Please correct your numbers.


    PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WARNING BELLS if you are thinking to buy EON !!! I purchased the super hyped EON (Magna-O) on very same day it was launched in MUMBAI-24th Oct.2011.Paying FULL AMOUNT UPFRONT. But I was sold a DEFECTIVE CAR & CHEATED-AS FROM the very next Day- 25th Oct my Car showed defects/faults of Noise,Vibrations,& Steering. Several Complaints registered with Showroom- also with HMIL directly SR Acknowledgement : 1-65271907 Dated : November 4,2011 SR Acknowledgement : 1-67280420 Dated : November7,2011- & on their CALL CENTRE- Complaint No:1-67550661 dated 8th Nov.2011 It was sent TWICE sent for so-called repairs /rectifications by showroom staff. I have NOT taken back the delivery of my car.As every time it comes back from w/shop new trouble springs up. Latest being FAILURE OF POWER STEERING.!!In spite of my taking COMPARATIVE TEST DRIVES with their other EON MAGNA CARS in presence of showroom personnel- who have admitted the faults IN MY CAR - verbally. YET-, NO LOGICAL CONCLUSION / SOLUTION APPEARS IN SIGHT.I just get standard replies- nothing wrong with car-COME & TAKE BACK YOUR CAR. I have refused to accept delivery.I INSIST ON A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND.