Cadillac XTS World Premiere Planned for LA Auto Show

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Cadillac has confirmed it will debut its new flagship luxury sedan, the XTS, at the LA Auto Show on November 16th. While details of the powertrain have been kept secret, we do know it will be the first production model to make use of the brand’s new CUE telematics system.

Using an 8-inch of optional 12.3-inch color screen the CUE system is designed to offer maximum geek capability while also being easy to use for Luddites with big graphics and simple controls. Also of note is that it offers iPad like functionality with motions like tap, flick, swipe and spread.

Measuring 203.5-inches in concept form, the XTS is a total of 3.5-inches longer than an S-Class, making this one classically huge Caddy.

Powering the concept was a twin-turbo direct-injection 3.6-liter V6 mated to an electric motor, making 350-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Rumors have suggested the production model could get a non-hybrid version of this same motor, making similar power to the concept. Also look for high-tech innovations like a magnetic ride control suspension.

GALLERY: Cadillac XTS Concept

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  • Johann Johann on Oct 21, 2011

    looks like a fusion or stretched cruz... not impressed

  • Carl Carl on Oct 22, 2011

    The "Short wheel base" S-Class is 200.0" length, however the more popular "Long wheel base" version is 205.1" length, curb weight 4,310lb (source wiki) in comparison Cadillac DTS was 207.6" curb weight only 4,009lb. Side by side with S-Class you would hardly be able to tell yet 207.6 is way more classically Caddy! My point weight has way more effect on fuel economy than length. I speak for all cars!