Toyota Named World's Number One Automotive Brand in Interbrand Study

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq
toyota named world s number one automotive brand in interbrand study
The last two years have been very tough on Toyota. After dealing with safety issues last year, its production took a hit this year due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year.

Through thick and thin, Toyota has soldiered on and has managed to retain the title of the world’s number-one automotive brand, according to Interbrand. This global brand value evaluation makes Toyota the most top-rated car brand, and 11th overall in Interbrands annual study.

Interbrand, which is one of the World’s leading branding consultancy service highlighted Toyota’s achievements, despite its internal and external hardships.

Interbrand based their rankings on overall brand value, financial performance, the role of the brand on purchase decisions and the strength of the brand in securing earnings for a company.

Toyota’s ability to adapt to ever changing conditions in an uncertain market also puts it ahead of its competition.

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