Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid Coming In 2012

Nauman Farooq
by Nauman Farooq
volvo v60 plug in hybrid coming in 2012
Not so long ago, Volvo had announced that it was working on a plug-in hybrid version of their V60 wagon. Now according to Volvo, the V60 may be out by as early as next year.

Volvo said it is working on two variants, a gas-electric plug-in hybrid for North America, and a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid for the rest of the world. Volvo’s system, which uses lithium-ion batteries to power the electric motors, has a range of 31-miles on battery power alone, after which the combustion engine will kick in to take you home.

No figures are known what the gas-electric versions will achieve, but the European diesel-electric version is said to be good for 124-mpg.

With the combustion engine powering the front wheels, and the 70-hp electric motors powering the rear, this is effectively an all-wheel drive vehicle also. Volvo said it will be more expensive than a regular V60, but will cost two-thirds less to run.

The V60 Plug-In Hybrid will go on sale in 2012, first in Europe, followed by the rest of the world in the same year.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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