$500,000 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Minivan Purchased From Rental Agency

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

Charles Preston, bought himself a used Chrysler Town & Country minivan from Thrifty, a rental car office, for $14,000. But then, when Charles brought the Chrysler to the garage to get its brakes checked out, the mechanic took a look at the window mechanism as well to figure out why it failed to roll down.

Upon taking the door panel out, the shop was shocked to discover the cause of the problem was actually $500,000 worth of cocaine. Preston is a psychologist from Santa Monica, California and wanted to use the van to deliver food to the homeless.

Unknowingly getting himself in the middle of one of the most bizarre drug seizures in recent memory, the police advised Preston to return the van to Thrifty and have it checked for tracking devices as well. When management at Thrifty heard the story, they offered to replace Preston’s van with a “clean” example.

Police officer Sgt. Jason Dwyer, told the Mercury News. “If somebody is motivated to track down that van and doesn’t want any witnesses, then some physical harm could come to the owner. That’s a lot of dope to be misplaced.”

[Source: Mercury News]

Danny Choy
Danny Choy

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