Donkervoort D8 GTO is a Modern Day Lotus Seven With Audi Power

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Dutch car maker Donkervoort has finally revealed its D8 GTO production vehicle, the next generation of open sports car, which was based on the original Lotus Seven. After two and a half years of development and collaboration with Audi Quattro GmbH, the D8 GTO’s production will start in 2012 and expected to be on European roads by 2013.

Powering the D8 GTO will be Audi’s 2.5L TFSI, five-cylinder powerplant with 340-hp with the potential of hitting 400-hp and 310 lb-ft of torque with the push of a button. Combine that with a weight just shy of 1,550-lbs and Donkervoort clearly has a fun car on their hands.

The first 25 specially designed GTOs will feature a lighter version of the 2.5L TFSI, about 66-lbs lighter thanks to Donkervoort and Audi redesigning several accessory parts of the motor. Donkervoort and Audi also incorporated a new intake manifold design on the vehicle. As mentioned before, a special race module switch will enable the vehicle’s performance to go from 340-hp to 400-hp. It is not known what powerplant will come on the GTO after the first 25 are gone with Audi’s engine.

Pricing will range from $130,250 to $195,375 excluding taxes.

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