Lotus Esprit Will Be Hybrid, Performance Models Gas Only

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
lotus esprit will be hybrid performance models gas only

Lotus has plans to release their new next-generation Esprit at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and more details were recently released on their next sports car. The base model Esprit will be a hybrid, sporting a 100-hp electric motor and a naturally aspirated V8 engine.

Other variants of the Lotus will be more race inspired, ditching the electric motor and hybrid tag for more weight savings and additional horsepower. More details on the other models weren’t released, but we can expect a more pure driver’s car and everything “unnecessary” will be removed from them, as well as an abundant use of carbon fiber. Unfortunately no specs were released on the naturally aspirated V8 powerplant either.

The new Lotus Esprit will go on sale in Europe starting in Summer of 2013 and will mark the beginning of Lotus’ five-year, five-model plan.

[Source: Topspeed]

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  • Bob Withum Bob Withum on Jan 09, 2012

    A Lotus is a serious driving performance car not a hybred grocery getter, and should never be one. Whats next a Lotus four door or an SUV If so they're done, the hard-core devoted Lotus drivers will move on. Its bad enough Lotus has dropped the Elise and Exige. Whatever they come out next will be priced so high they will sell a few, damn few. Perhaps they don't know the economy is lousy at the moment with nothing good for the forseeable future. The Evora is bad enough in my mind. What would Colin say?? Keep'em light, affordable and great looking. Customers will come looking and buying..