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In a comprehensive examination of the internal combustion engine vehicle market's mobile applications, the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. OEM ICE App Report offers a nuanced look at the highs and lows of user satisfaction. Celebrating the apps that excel while also acknowledging those that fall short, the report benefits from the expansive insights of 1,504 ICE vehicle owners across the United States. These participants have helped pinpoint essential areas ready for advancement. Through this approach, the report not only honors top-performing apps but also provides visibility to those needing improvement.

These findings are particularly critical for manufacturers as they highlight the need for improvement in various aspects of app performance, including connectivity, utility, and overall design. Apps that have not met user satisfaction standards offer manufacturers a chance to directly respond to consumer feedback, remediate issues, and adapt their offerings to meet the dynamic needs of their user base.

The lower end of the ranking spectrum reveals the apps that are in need of the most attention within both the mass market and premium sectors, based on a 1,000 point scale:

Worst Mass Market Brand App Rankings

  1. Chrysler – 656
  2. RAM – 665
  3. Jeep – 701
  4. Wagoneer – 705
  5. Toyota – 711

Worst Premium Brand App Rankings

  1. myAudi – 620
  2. Land Rover Remote – 696
  3. Volvo Cars – 707
  4. AcuraLink – 712
  5. Jaguar Remote – 714

The top 4 spots amongst mainstream manufacturers belong to the Stellantis group, while Audi has lowest ranked app by a good margin. The bottom-ranking apps underscore the obstacles faced by manufacturers in providing robust connectivity and the functionalities consumers seek. The scores suggest that investing in improved features, accelerating connectivity, and refining the user experience could substantially elevate customer satisfaction.

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