2013 Prius C Gets 53-MPG, Priced Under $19,000: 2012 Detroit Auto Show


Toyota is updating its Prius family once again with the production version Prius C. The C stands for city, because this version of the Prius is smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient than its classic predecessor.

The 2013 Prius C will be powered by a 1.5L four cylinder engine which produces 73 hp as well as an all electric engine which puts out 66-hp and both will be mated to a continuously variable transmission with 99 hp as a combined output. The hybrid setup on the Prius C will give it impressive fuel economy, a combined city/highway rating of 53 mpg. Drivers will also be given the choice to run the car on all electric mode which is capable of a range of 10-15 miles on electricity alone.

The new Prius C is being constructed with light weight materials which Toyota claims will reduce weight but will not compromise tensile strength and will help drop 542 pounds off of the Prius C as compared to the regular Prius. The C will also be 19-inches shorter than its big brother and about 2 inches skinnier which will help to reduce weight and increase ease of driving in tight city street scenarios.

The Prius C will be offered with a base MSRP of below $19,000 according to Toyota, and will hit showrooms in March.



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Watch our First Look Video of the Prius c below:

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Andy says:

When we looked at the concept they gave us, it was stunning cool looking car… This here just looks like bland old boring Prius!

Good Job toyota for killing cool cars! says:

The lookout is not as good (and never was). But for such an electric car we should expect very low power consumption and environmental comfort.

Ray says:

Wouldn’t buy one but I think the Prius C will be a great commuter car. It looks decent, has enough power to get you up to speed and priced under $19 000. Curious how it will do against it’s competitors. Does anyone know what’s the competition like for a car like this?

phil parks phil parks says:

toyota prius truck can you make one soom it wood help us out

Aldrin_carrion says:

I would like to see the Rav-4 hybrid

Ronott728 says:

with push-button start like my old Prius it is around 23,000, not 19,000.

2lemdogs says:

When you offer a back-up mirror and leather seating, I’ll be ready to buy my next Prius – a C.

David Burns says:

look at consumer reports. they have nothing good to say about the c prius. they suggest buying a used one

Watercrestcondos says:

I own a Prius C, I am getting average MPG 63.5 in the city. It drive like a sports car, plenty of room, road trips, excellent and I wished I would have bought one sooner. I have Bluetooth and my stero rocks
which I use a flash drive for music storage. They DO make one with leather, research Prius C-4, it is loaded. Consumer Reports/is wrong!!!
Go test drive one and you will see for yourself..what I am saving in gas, makes the payment..HA!

Cpl938 says:

Will the Prius C have the back up camera?