Devon GTX Sells For Serious Discount at Barrett-Jackson

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

There are only two Devon GTX supercars in the world. One of them was up for sale at the most recent Barrett-Jackson auction and it sold for a ticklishly low price.

The chromed-out version of the Dodge Viper that promised individuality to its lucky owner came to a hard halt when Dodge stopped producing the Viper in 2010, but with a half million-dollar price tag it’s tough to see what’s essentially the bling-bling edition of Dodge’s V10 tire shredder going very far. On the other hand, $220,000 might be a justifiable price for someone in the market for such cars, and that is what the GTX took on the auction block including buyers commission.

We had no way of guessing what the GTX would sell for just over a week ago when we reported that the car was going up for auction with no reserve, but the 60 percent discount it ended up selling for was far from our minds. Alas, such is life in the world of no-reserve auctions on items with extremely limited marketability.

GALLERY: 2009 Devon GTX

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

Luke Vandezande
Luke Vandezande

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  • Arliegreen Arliegreen on Jan 23, 2013

    I saw the black vehicle tonight in Tampa Florida and it sounds good. The owner stated it was a $500,000 dollar car and that it had 850 HP, could do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and was based on the Dodge Viper frame. It had gull wing doors, a good exhaust sound andf a snug but modern look interior. The owner also said it would go 202 mph, thoughthe new owner had only admittedto going 159 mph. The Florida Vanity plate reads "I DO 202". After seeing the Dodge Vipers return to the track at Elkhart Lakes Wisconsin's Road America and its challenging 4.038 mile course at the ALMS race, this car would not be worth any where near that, since the two Vipers did not even finish- one was out permanently and the other finished so far back it might as well have quit. Everyone knows the Viper goes fast in a short straight line. get them on a track and they suck. More carbon fiber glitz and a few more horses and a new nameis not going to make this one or its red and black brother any better than a footnote to what could have been good if the designers of the Ford GT40 or the Chevy Z106 Corvette had been involved.

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    • Emily Schwinabart Emily Schwinabart on Sep 22, 2015

      I just saw this car in clearwater fl with the I do 202 tag on belcher and drew. Didnt know it was special till we read the dash and looked it up!

  • Robert Kopke Robert Kopke on Sep 12, 2022

    I have pictures of me standing next to the red one in Petoskey, Michigan in 2010. Cool car.