Modelista Toyota GT 86 Gets Lippy: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Just a few weeks after the debut of the GT 86, Toyota tuners are getting a crack at the new sports car and showing what modified visions they can dream up at Japan’s largest aftermarket expo, the Tokyo Auto Salon.

One of the very first machines is built by Toyota’s in-house Modelista tuning division, focused on adding some flare to the compact sports car. Included in the Modelista kit is a new lip kit, side skits, a rear lip and chrome door moldings. Headlight “eye” lids simplify the car’s front end, while rear light covers help blend the protruding taillights into the rest of the car’s body.

Also included are some upgraded 18-inch wheels and grippier tires – two simple modifications the new car could certainly use.

GALLERY: Modelista Toyota GT 86

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