Pininfarina Cambiano Concept May Become Reality

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

Along the same vein as the Fisker Karma, the plug-in hybrid Pininfarina Cambiano concept may receive the “go-ahead” for low-volume production.

According to Pininfarina CEO Sergio Angori, “We are evaluating the potential for companies and private buyers interested in a high-performance, low-emission luxury model such as the Cambiano.”

The Pininfarina Cambiano concept was first unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, sporting four electric motors that deliver 60kW each and could potentially peak at 150kW for short moments. Combined, the battery is capable of providing 500kW, equating to 680-hp.

Pininfarina expects the concept to reach a little over 200km in full-electric mode and have a combined range of 800km. Performance-wise, Pininfarina claims the Cambiano can accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 4.2 seconds.

Sergio Angori said that if Pininfarina were to build 10 units, then each Cambiano will be priced at approximately 1 million euros each. However, if production were to reach 75 units, the per-unit cost would fall to 400,000 euros.

A diesel-powered internal combustion engine will be the more realistic offering for production and will likely replace the diesel turbine found within the concept. It will take a minimum of two years of development before production of the Cambiano will commence. We hope this means the Cambiano will not be plagued with the same reliability concerns as the Fisker Karma.

[Source: Auto News]

Danny Choy
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