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Most off-roaders add additional lighting to illuminate the trail when the sun goes down. Until now, one of the best brands in premium off-road LED lighting, the Australian brand STEDI™, has been hard to find. That has all changed now that NAPA is stepping in to carry the products that off-roaders want. Not familiar with STEDI™? If you are serious about your off-road adventures, you should be. This is the brand of off-road lighting that everyone will be talking about soon enough now that it is finally readily available in North America.

STEDI™ started in 2013 as a small company focussed on developing auxiliary lighting needs for the harsh Australian conditions. The brand developed a comprehensive product range that was guided by the feedback and needs of its customers. If a customer had an issue, they listened and made right by that customer. They also worked tirelessly on product design, vowing to make the most durable and brightest LED off-road lights on the market that are visually striking, adding the overall look of the customer’s vehicle. They are truly a visually appealing accessory. In the ten years they have been in business, the company has grown, twice needing to move to larger facilities while expanding its local and global footprint. Development of the product lines is aided by having the brutal Australian Outback as a proving ground, and serious off-roaders from around the globe have been making the STEDI™ switch. NAPA is now making this more accessible than ever before.

Some Key Products

The Type-X PRO Driving Light, bound to be a popular choice, is one of the brightest available. You can get 15,870 lumens of power from a pair of Type-X™ PRO lights, which comes from 37 Oslon High-Flux LEDs, known for light output and durability. These lights have a near bullet-proof housing matching with Ballistic-grade glass that is virtually indestructible. The lights mount to your ride via the most advanced bracket system on the market, which is made of 10mm-thick high-pressure die-cast aluminum that cuts weight, never rusts, and holds your lights in place.

The Type-X SPORT Driving Light is a more affordable driving light that doesn’t sacrifice on quality and performance. Compare the build quality, performance, and list of inclusions with other offerings on the market and you will conclude that the Type-X™ Sport is peerless.. These lights use an A360.0 cast housing with superior strength and corrosion resistance.The Type-X™ SPORT uses a 3mm thick GE Lexan lens with a hard coating that resists scratches and is virtually indestructible. Get 10,390 raw Lumens of power from 36 OSRAM OSLON LED bulbs. These sweet lights mount using a 4mm-thick 304 series stainless-steel mounting bracket with an included rubber dampener and an additional 3mm upper plate for a steady mount surface.

If you are looking for a light bar, NAPA is the right place, and STEDI™ is the perfect solution. STEDI™ unleashes the power of CREE's XPL HI emitter with a 9% increase in lumen output at the same drive current. The STEDI™ ST3303 PRO houses both spot and flood beam reflectors, meaning you’ll get the bost of both worlds. STEDI™ shrunk down the emitter die size giving you a higher lumen density, giving the STEDI ST3303 Pro Double Row LED Light Bar one of the brightest lumen outputs on the market for light bars. When you add in the extreme durability and 5-year warranty that STEDI™ brings to the table, you’ve got the best option for illuminating the trail.

The STEDI ST4K Double Row LED Light Bar is another great option. Available in 22, 28, and 42-inch lengths, this bar is built to be efficient with 97% of the power draw allocated directly to the OSRAM OLSEN LED lights. STEDI backs up this light bar with a 5-year warranty.

If you want to add a bit of accessory lighting that is easy to install virtually anywhere, the STEDI LED Rock Light is the answer. These lights are perfect for getting light where you want it and they can take anything you can dish out. The STEDI™ LED Rock Lights meet IP69K requirements and are designed to last for up to 50,000 hours. You can pick up these affordable lights in three colors (Amber, RGB, and White) and they are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Another robust lighting solution is the STEDI Black Edition LED Light Cube. This light is protected by a weatherproof die-cast aluminum housing and is waterproof to a depth of three meters. You can choose between different beam patterns (diffuse, spot, flood) and with 4,200 lumens at your disposal, this is the most powerful light in its class. STEDI™ backs the LED Light Cube with a 2-year warranty.


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