2013 Scion FR-S Pictures: Mega Gallery

With all the media coverage that’s surrounded the Scion FR-S, it’s hard to say anything new about it, yet the bang-for-your-buck sports coupe refuses to leave headlines well enough alone. 

The latest news coming from Scion tells us there won’t be a turbo variant, at least not any time soon. We do expect to see a convertible at some point, but a release date (or any information) is hazy at best.

What’s totally clear, however, is our mega gallery of FR-S pictures, which you can peruse at your liesure.

GALLERY: 2013 Scion FR-S

Scion FR-S 2013-101Scion FR-S 2013_001Scion FR-S 2013_002Scion FR-S 2013_003Scion FR-S 2013_004Scion FR-S 2013_005

Scion FR-S 2013_006Scion FR-S 2013_007Scion FR-S 2013_009Scion FR-S 2013_010Scion FR-S 2013_011Scion FR-S 2013_012

Scion FR-S 2013_013Scion FR-S 2013_014Scion FR-S 2013_016Scion FR-S 2013_017Scion FR-S 2013_018Scion FR-S 2013_022

Scion FR-S 2013_023Scion FR-S 2013_024Scion FR-S 2013_025Scion FR-S 2013_108Scion FR-S 2013_115Scion FR-S 2013_116

Scion FR-S 2013_074Scion FR-S 2013_077Scion FR-S 2013_071Scion FR-S 2013_083Scion FR-S 2013_080Scion FR-S 2013_078