Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Will Get All-Wheel Drive Setup

Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Will Get All-Wheel Drive Setup

The A25 AMG is Mercedes-Benz‘s take on a sport tuned version of the A-Class hot hatch, and more details concerning the makeup of the car are out.

According to AMG boss Ola Kallenius, the A25 will be powered by a turbocharged four cylinder engine that will produce more than 335 hp. Original forecasts for engine power claimed that the A25 would outpower the Audi RS3, which makes 335 hp, so it seems AMG is on track to make the most powerful luxury hot hatch on the market.

Originally it was speculated that the A-Class would be a front wheel drive car, which would have compromised the handling of the car and “create oversteer,” says Kallenius. The A25 will come sporting an all wheel drive setup, likely to be sourced from the ML 63 AMG. “Pure front-wheel drive I would be extremely sceptical of from a performance point of view,” Kallenius said.

When the A25 AMG arrives, it will likely look close to the original A-Class concept, which adds some extra curving body lines and ground effects kit to make the car look the part of a turbocharged hot hatch. We may have already seen the A25 in this cyclists video, although we can’t be to sure.

America has missed out on some nice Euro cars in the past, but the A25 AMG should be making its way to the US, based on the fact that Mercedes has confirmed that the A-Class will definitely by sold here.

[Source: Evo]