MINI Ray is a Bad Dose of '80s Style

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
mini ray is a bad dose of 80s style

Tease up those bangs, put on your neon legwarmers, throw in a couple extra shoulder pads and get ready for the ‘80s-inspired MINI Ray.

Before you get too excited, the new MINI is only available in Italy. Targeted at the young and hip, the RAY makes a bold statement with vibrant neon colors. We find it funny that the demographic targeted was too young to appreciate the tackiness this decade was famous for the first time around. But hey, who can resist day-glo shades of Alien Green, Lemon Yellow, Flash White, Energy Pink, Vitamin Orange and Shocking Blue? It’s not like the whole car is painted florescent – you’ll find accents on the mirrors, hubcaps, hood and even the MINI badge on the front grill.

The MINI Ray will be hitting dealerships at the beginning of May when Italian hipsters can look forward to a Summer spent cruising the Italian countryside blaring your old Duran Duran cassette tapes, through an iPod of course.


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