Mitsubishi Mirage Evo Hatch a Possibility

We might have something to look forward to if Mitsubishi could do for its Mirage model, what it did for its Lancer model with an Evo variant.

The Lancer Evolution and all of its generations has become a staple performance car in today’s world. So if Mitsubishi is planning to release a more compact, sports car in the form of a Mirage Evo, we expect it to be embraced with open arms. A rumor coming out of Japan says that the automaker is currently in the early stages of developing the Mirage Evo that could be powered by a 1.5-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder with around 150 hp.

While 150 hp doesn’t sound like a whole lot, especially for a vehicle boasting the Evo moniker, Mitsubishi is planning to lighten the vehicle – possibly to be under 2,000 lbs – in order to achieve the power-to-weight ratio it wants. Combine that with changes to the exterior, larger wheels, sportier and more aggressive styling, and the mundane, boring Mirage pictured above could look somewhat enticing to drive.

Without a doubt, Mitsubishi would also outfit a Mirage Evo with bigger brakes and tuned suspension. In a way, it would be a great contender to the Abarth 500 model. If the powers that be do approve the project, it will likely make its debut sometime next year.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]