Scion FR-S Might Have Misfitting Body Panels, Fogging Tail Lights

Scion FR-S Might Have Misfitting Body Panels, Fogging Tail Lights

Despite being co-developed by Toyota and Subaru, both brands with solid reputations for reliability, the Scion FR-S might be running into problems a week after its official release.

Details are still foggy, but it seems Toyota issued two tech tips to dealers last month as advisories for potential issues. The first is moisture seeping into the tail lights and the second: potentially ill-fitting body panels.

Roughly 1,000 of the cars have been sold since they officially went on sale, though Craig Taguchi of Scion public relations said there haven’t been many registered complaints so far. Instead, he says the brand is aiming to be prepared in case of any issues later on.

Despite there apparently not being registered complaints, a member of is already reporting condensation in one of his tail lights. Another member on the same site said he let the chief engineer know about the problem and got a response back saying the issue had been fixed.

It isn’t clear if the issue will be persistant enough to warrant public attention from the automaker, but hopefully the car’s early adopters who might suffer for their eagerness won’t be punished either.

[Source: FT86Club via Jalopnik]

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