Volvos Are Too Complicated: CEO Says

Volvos Are Too Complicated: CEO Says

Things get complex when you put safety tech innovation first, or so Volvo boss Stefan Jacoby is finding as the brand’s cars get increasingly confusing to use.

“Our cars are too complicated for the consumer. Our intention is to have an intuitive car that lets the driver actually feel like he’s in command,” Jacoby said. According to Jacoby, 75 percent of drivers don’t know how to access their car’s full capability.

It’s something he recognizes as a problem, not just for Volvo, but for car companies as a whole. With complicated electronic systems becoming commonplace in cars ranging from the entry level to most expensive, he feels simplicity needs an increasing emphasis.

Jacoby pointed to Apple’s operating systems and ease of use as an example of sophisticated tech that solves such issues with elegance.

“It’s so easy to control. You feel in control of that machine and that gives consumers a big confidence,” he said.

[Source: Automotive News]