This is What a 232-MPH Ferrari 575 Looks Like

This is What a 232-MPH Ferrari 575 Looks Like

Earlier in the week, we previewed the ACAT Global Ferrari 575 that is getting ready for an attempt at breaking the land speed record of 232 mph. Now the exotic race car has arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats and it looks impressive.

The folks at ACAT Global sent over several photos of the Ferrari 575, which not only resembles the rendering we saw, but looks as great as we imagined. The Ferrari 575 looks surprisingly production-like, but the parachutes hint at something more. Unfortunately the team is remaining quiet on its power output, but when you’re starting with a 5.8-liter V12 with 515-hp, the only way you can go is up.

We look forward to seeing how the ACAT Global Ferrari 575 competes at Bonneville Speed Week that kicks off on August 11th.

GALLERY: ACAT Global Ferrari 575