Nissan GT-R Transformer to Star in Japanese Video Game – Videos

If there’s anything the Japanese enjoy more than cars, it’s video games and anime. For decades Japanese video game developers have been considered the best in the world with their creative story lines and video game development.

While we won’t go into arguing how American developers have stepped up to the plate in recent years, video game publisher and developer Square Enix has released ‘Gyrozetter’ out in Japan as an arcade game that will be turned into an anime and Nintendo 3DS game featuring cars that transform into robots.

If this sounds like something out of Transformers, well, it sort of is. In the arcade game, players enjoy a driving mode where they can choose a car and race, while another mode transforms the car into a robot and the player does battle.

Several automakers will be represented in the game including Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan, with a GT-R that becomes a robot and could most certainly destroy a Camaro. An anime series adaptation is expected to premiere this October in Japan and a Nintendo 3DS game is scheduled for next year.

Check out a video of the game and the upcoming anime series below.

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[Source: Carscoop]