2014 Corvette Teased, New Wheels Shown

2014 Corvette Teased, New Wheels Shown

If you don’t think sculpting clay models can be cool, think again.

Chevrolet just released a teaser of the upcoming C7 corvette which will make its official debut on January 13 to the media and select buyers ahead of the Detroit Auto Show. The clip below shows it being sculpted and gives a quick look at the car’s new wheels, but there’s little more than a quick glimpse.

Loose lips sink, well, companies and while GM’s “battleship” is still afloat, smaller bits of information and rumors are already abound.

As you would expect with any new generation, the car shares few parts with its predecessor. In fact, only two: cabin air filter and rear latch for the roof panel which is made of carbon fiber.

It’s also said to have a much better cabin than past Corvettes — a point of contention even for loyal fans. Among the rumored improvements, it’s likely to have heated and cooled seats, a similar dash to the current Cadillac XTS and buttons that don’t look like garbage.

Production will begin during the third quarter of 2013 when the car will be sold as a 2014 model.

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