Ken Block Takes AutoGuide for an Afternoon Drift

Ken Block Takes AutoGuide for an Afternoon Drift

Anyone familiar with Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos knows just how well he can smoke a set of tires and AutoGuide had the chance during this year’s SEMA Show to go along for a ride.

Somewhere between the clouds of tire smoke and chunks of rubber flying through the cabin, Block manages to see out of his car as he takes it through a devlish set of smokey drifts.

Cool and unfazed, he tossed the car around cones and corners nonchalantly enough that you could almost imagine this is how he normally drives. Of course, that’s not the case, but it was hard to tell left from right, let alone much of his driving technique in the brief minutes spent sitting shotgun in his loco Ford Fiesta rally car.

Despite taking turns with a rear-wheel drive Mustang, Block consistently laid thick strips of rubber down making more of a fantastic mess than the muscle car could ever hope to.

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to be there in the car — it’s incredible.

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