2014 Mercedes E-Class Family Revealed in Detroit

They don’t call it the Motor City for nothin’! The whole industry is on display this week as automakers from across the country and around the world descend on Detroit. Looking to steal some of the limelight, Mercedes-Benz just revealed its latest E-Class lineup.

This luxury stalwart has been comprehensively updated for the 2014 model year. From a design perspective it gets a new front end and revised proportions, but the most noticeable change is the headlamps. Previous versions of the E-Class had a “quad-eye” look, with the lighting array separated into four different assemblies. Not anymore, the latest version has single-lens headlamps. Following the latest industry trend, full LED lighting is optional.

For buyers that absolutely have to have it their way, two different grilles are offered – one for sporty trims and another for luxury-focused versions – pick your poison. The car’s back-end has also been cleaned up and features new LED tail lamps. Overall the company calls the E-Class’ new look elegant, refined and sporty, and we’d be inclined to agree.

From a design perspective these changes are welcome but not that groundbreaking. Mercedes is playing conservatively, especially when it comes to powertrains. The car’s familiar 3.5-liter V6 produces a very familiar 302 horsepower while the optional V8 delivers a 402 horsepower wallop.

A gasoline-electric model will still be offered in the form of the E400 HYBRID. In this application the company’s 3.5-liter V6 is augmented by an electric motor. The combo is estimated to deliver 24 miles per gallon around town and 30 on the highway.

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Tried and true is fine and good, but Mercedes is doing at least one interesting thing under the hood. The company will offer a four-cylinder diesel engine in the big executive car for American buyers. The E250 BlueTEC delivers 190 horsepower with 369 lb-ft of torque. It goes on sale this fall. E-Class sedans and wagons powered by the gasoline engines will arrive at dealers in the spring. All powertrains are matched to the latest generation of the company’s seven-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, fuel-saving ECO start/stop is standard across the board.

As you’d expect with a top-shelf luxury car the new E-Class is loaded with more safety and assistance features than the Space Shuttle. One of the most advanced is something called Collision Prevention Assist, which is standard across the board. It’s a radar-based warning system that can help prevent rear-end crashes.

Loving all of its children equally, Mercedes-Benz did not forget about the coupe and cabriolet versions of the E. These fair-weather siblings go on sale this summer and feature many of the same upgrades as the sedan and wagon models. However, hybrid and diesel drivetrains are not offered.

Agility Control is one thing that’s unique to the coupe and cabriolet models. It’s a selective damping system that adjusts the car’s shock absorbers based on road conditions, helping deliver both sporty handling and a smooth ride.

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