Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye

AutoGuide Five-Point Inspection

The compact car segment is a hotly contested battleground, so is the Dodge Dart the secret weapon that the American automaker needs it to be, or does it miss the bulls-eye?

With a starting price of $15,995, the Dart is poised to sting the competition in value and affordability. Our tester was outfitted in Rallye trim, along with a manual transmission, Uconnect infotainment system and the 1.4L Turbocharged Multi-Air engine which rings up at the register for $20,635.


Greg says:

I’ve had personal expereince with both the GM & Ford MyLynk & MyFord Touch respectivlly and I can tell you that the Chrysler Corp. has gone a long way to make sure that their unit works well and it does work great!
Another point in the DDCT (double dry clutch trans) that Chyrsler had a good handle on back in 2008 with the Dodge Avenger R/T and is even better with the Dart. Ford, after two years now, still can not satisfy their customers. My Focus had been into dealers over 7 times and still slipped thus keeping it from getting the advertised milages by some 25%. It’s gone and replaced by a great Dart.

Justin says:

Its Dual Dry Clutch Transaxle, also the DDCT was not used previously, debut was in the dart.

Dukz009 says:

Hmmmm, no. Actually DDCT is dual dry clutch transmission… Not transaxle? Lol

Greg says:

The Dart Turbo does not require premium fuel as stated above. Regular 87 octane fuel works fine as stated in the owners’ manual.

Doug says:

Realize that the Dart has three (3) engines and three (3) transmissions two (2) of which are automatics to offer. A lot to offer the average buyer IMHO.

klarkkunt says:

You must be joking!  $20,000 for a POSmobile!  Buy a 10 to 20 year old Chrysler that was fun then and cheap fun now and put more than $20,000 into your 401K or an IRA.  You can buy a better, used, old car than the cost of the first year’s depreciation on this ****.  Fiat engine my A**.  I gave up on POS Fiat cars in the 70s.

Maverick73 says:

Wow it sucks to be Canadian if you’re in the market for a domestic car – Same Rallye here is $28,800 in USD!  I’ll stick to imports, thanks…