Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad, the Story Behind the Commercial


Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial was all about honoring veterans, and continuing the story, Jeep is setting a day aside to recognize military service members in partnership with the USO.

“Operation SAFE Return” will take place this week at the new USO Warrior and Family Center in Fort Belvoir, Va. on Wednesday, February 6. Jeep employees will travel from across the country to volunteer for the event where former U.S. marine and celebrity chef John Besh will provide a meal.

Jeep frequently uses its history with the military, and this event is the real-world event featured during the brand’s emotionally charged Super Bowl spot.

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Ross says:

Jeep: you suggest that once a servicemember gets home, all is roses. That America will take care of him or her. False. Some have big families to take care of them; if so, it’s the family deserving of thanks, not America or Jeep. There are so many vets in need of medical, psychological, job training help. And they get squat. What does Jeep say?: Buy a new $20,000-plus vehicle from us and we’ll knock $500 from the tab. Thanks, Jeep.

Finhawk1 says:

Buy a KIA, Ole Buddy!!!

Monkx1 says:

Oprah, really?

Jeff says:

Yes, it’s just a commercial trick. I bought mine COMPASS Limited of 2012 year for 27,900 EUR from official dealer of Jeer in Baku. I can say with full responsibility, that it is not a car. Noisy interior, slow acceleration, big petrol consumption, roughly performed exterior, etc. After 6000 km MIL goes on, after 8000 km, oil started to drain from carter, etc. How pity that I did not bay WV Tiguan

Kevin Palombi says:

Funny thing is, the Compass is not a Jeep or a car. People who like Jeeps tend to hate the Compass. It’s a crossover based on the design of a Mitsubishi G Series vehicle. It was also aimed at those who drive primarily on pavement, but being a Jeep means it didn’t make a very good street car. In other words, it’s the least qualified model ever made to represent Jeep’s quality as a brand.

Ian says:

I realize this SB Ad is only aimed at a US market but to everyone else seeing it the whole message is horribly mawkish. Jeep is a brand sold in many countries other than the US and this ad is also seen by them via the internet. The ad is jingoistic, nationalist, sentimentalism of the worst kind. All anyone other than Americans see in this is militarism being glorified. It would drive buyers away from the brand not toward it. No one outside the US sees anything positive about the US military adventures of the last twenty years. All I could think of watching this is “what are all those poor young soldiers serving for? What are they actually achieving?” Is this the best Jeeps marketing people could come up with? The Jeep brand represents many things – fun, adventure, toughness, capability. Why not focus on some of these?

Kevin Palombi says:

The roots of the Jeep brand lie with the United States military. The brand was created to supply more Willy’s and GPW’s to soldiers. The Jeep is an American, Patriotic and Pro Military product by nature. If this was a Starbucks commercial I MIGHT see your point. Even so, this commercial is less in support of the actions of the United States military and Government as a whole, and more in support of the soldiers. The soldiers in question are our family members, friends and fellow citizens. We all want them to be safe and know they are loved.

Ian says:

I’m all for supporting the safety and care of serving personnel and veterans, the USO deserve all the help they can get. Sadly the troops are the meat in the grinder. They are put in harms way by old men in Washington who have made the US Military today a toxic global ‘brand’. The jeep of our grandfathers time in WW2 has a proud history but that was a very long time ago. I work in marketing and suggest that the actions of the US military today versus the deserved support of individual troops is not obvious in this ad. The ad is all about loved ones returning home. Why does no one question why they are away? And using Oprah as the speaker!

Kevin Palombi says:

Because it’s a commercial, not a political soapbox. It’s unifying, since most Americans can agree on supporting the troops’ safety, regardless of their party affiliation or views. The speaker is someone you wouldn’t necessarily expect, which also cements that idea that we are all in this together when it comes to supporting military families. I don’t know where you studied marketing, but most people I know in the marketing field would claim that they reach their target audience very effectively. Plenty of people are discussing the motives and actions of the “old men in Washington”. They have been since the start of the “War on Terror”. I fail to see what you are getting at by claiming this ad doesn’t accomplish what it tries to.

jlmclean says:

I see an add promoting unity, togetherness, and honor for being “American” and having people that are strong enough to fight for our freedom or whatever those old farts decide for them to do and there are a lot of those old farts that are pretty darn smart. It’s hard to make sound decisions until you’ve experienced the consequense and those old ones have gone through a lot. As for the add, not one time did I hear anything about buying a Jeep, NOT ONE. I did hear things we should all as Americans be thankful for and if they had said something about buying a Jeep, heck, they’ve played a big part in our military longer than most of you CRYBABIES have been born. Suck up and grow up and quit trying to down something that’s all in all, a pretty decent comercial.

Joe American says:

the commercial is just a sales tool…. they are probably moving all production to China in a few years anyway… how american is that!!

Jeff1973 says:

But what about the big petrol consumption of COMPASS and slow acceleration. Did it improved?
Mine is 2012 year and eats 17-18 liter per 100km in urban cycle.

Steve UK says:

Nice to see the troops getting some recognition. Ok is a Jeep advert, but the message is a good one. Happier to drive my Grand Cherokee (diesel) in England today.

Cap'n Matt says:

This commercial bothers me so much, I don’t even know where to start.
1) this heartfelt commercial is about a decade late for jeep. USO does great things all the time….not just when jeep wants to release a new “military-like” product.
2) the wrangler that is designed for service members is a joke. No soldier,sailor,airman wants to operate their equipment all day and then drive something that looks like a wannabe motor pool vehicle created by monter garage. They gave it a star (ha) and an acronym … I give it a new one: CF
3) their marketing said jeep towards active duty military with a price tag around $35k! Jeep needs to do some market research. 70% of our military can not afford this jeep. The ones that can are typically too mature for the juvenile silly graphics on it (wouldn’t be caught dead driving it). Sure…jeep finance will approve them….and give them a $1k military discount (so generous)….they know the money is guaranteed because if collection is filed, the DOD will stipend their paycheck.

As a combat vet, I’ll say thanks but no thanks jeep. We are cutting our total force strength…welcoming us home and selling an expensive jeep to us may not work. How about a jeep for other rugged people….firefighters, cops, lumberjacks?….how about politician edition…because they are they only ones getting paid well enough to afford it and not vulnerable to job cuts!