Tesla CEO Releases Official Rebuttal to NY Times Story


Tesla spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks’ world turned upside down on Monday after CEO Elon Musk issued a stiff rebuke over an article in the New York Times he called fake.

Shortly after the controversy began, the paper responded, saying “any suggestion that the account was ‘fake’ is, of course, flatly untrue.” But Musk wasn’t finished. At the height of his heated Twitter salvo, he vowed to reveal the details behind the article. Tesla turns data logging on for all media drives after Top Gear’s “BS” report on the Roadster. Musk’s official response is now available, days after the initial flare-up.

In a blog post released late Wednesday, Musk attacks several points from the story in question. One of several issues is that John Broder, the story’s author, reported setting cruise control at 54 mph. According to charts released in the blog cruise control was actually set at 60 mph.

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Another chart from Tesla shows Broder increasing cabin temperature while reporting that he decreased it.

But perhaps the most concerning part of what the data log reveals is that Broder seems to have misrepresented how far the car actually travelled and how long he spent charging the car. The car’s log shows it actually exceeded its stated range rather than falling short as he reported.

Musks blog suggests that Broder carried a vendetta against electric cars.

“We were played for a fool and as a result, let down the cause of electric vehicles. For that, I am deeply sorry,” Musk wrote.

GALLERY: Tesla Model S Data Log


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MistyGreen says:


NE_Heights_Elitist says:

More proof Elon Musk is thin-skinned and not much of an engineer or someone with common sense.  How dare the reporter use the heater or drive a couple miles out of the way.  Keep it up Elon.  We need a laugh.

Kelly Olsen says:

Pretty interesting response with many details supporting Tesla’s case. The “writer” obviously has an agenda and is trying to make some kind of name for himself. How on earth did he think he could fake so much information (if the Tesla data is true) and not know how many details of his drive were being tracked and captured? 

Also, after the Top Gear experience, I would have thought that all “journalists” would be vetted by Tesla (which is so easy to do these days) all the way back to what they had for breakfast in 1988.

I hope their are some serious repercussions for this guy, like losing his job.

Setsta says:

 Top gear did nothing wrong. All this crap about Top Gear and Tesla is getting pushed up again after this. They (Top Gear) used the car like they use ALL other sports cars. It broke because the Roadster is a piece of crap. Tesla is constantly repairing them for customers.

Mark Webb-Johnson says:

Except it didn’t break. Top Gear showed it broke, and showed three guys pushing it into a hanger. But, later admitted that it didn’t break and that they were just showing ‘what would have happened if it had’.

echto says:

Im pretty sure it in fact did break. The script that was seen by the Tesla agent before filming was the result of actually driving and testing the car before the filming began. At least those were the claims of the shows producers. Tesla knew what they were going to do before filming even began.
The facts are (and even Tesla admits to these) that during the Top Gear testing one the Roadsters did suffer an overheating issue with its motor that put it into a limp home mode and the other car blew a fuse in the brake assist system causing the brake assist to fail.

Kelly Olsen says:


echto says:

Well, I guess there is no convincing a moron like you. Facts are facts.

Kelly Olsen says:

Not the actual case and repeating it does not make it true.

Deerfencer3 says:

Musk is a carnival barker plain and simple. As Mr Dylan would say, “I don’t believe you, you’re a Liar!”

Richard Joash Tan says:

and you are a bullshit

Mark Webb-Johnson says:

I think there is a really simple way to see if this is fair and unbiased or not. Repeat it with a regular gas car.
Take the google maps range, divide by the manufacturer’s claimed MPG figure, and put exactly that amount of gas into the tank, take a detour, drive around in circles for a while, and see if you can make it. If you do actually make it, then the next day put in half what the calculation says you’ll need.
If you end up having to call for a tow, then publish a story about how gas cars are not ready for the average joe.

SecretSausage says:

It’s undisputed that Top Gear faked the “break down” segment of that show. The data also seems to show that this NY Times guy took some liberties with the truth to make the S look bad. Sorry state of journalism!

echto says:

 They didnt fake the breakdown. The facts are (and even Tesla admits to these) that during the Top Gear testing one the Roadsters did suffer an overheating issue with its motor that put it into a limp home mode and the other car blew a fuse in the brake assist system causing the brake assist to fail. The review was scripted, but Tesla had the script before filming and that script would be the result of actually tesing and reviewing the car before fimling.