Volvo CEO Wants to Bring Back the Station Wagon

Once a staple of its lineup, Volvo does not currently produce any station wagons, a fact that brand CEO Hakan Samuelsson wants to change.

Speaking with Automotive News at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the CEO of the Swedish company said that he is interested in reintroducing a station wagon back into the lineup, as it was once a staple of Volvo’s vehicles.

The closest car Volvo currently has to a station wagon is the XC70 crossover (seen above), though it has lifted ground clearance an a more robust look than Volvo wagons of the past.

Samuelsson also mentioned that the brand is looking to a small crossover that would fit in under the XC60, and that a large luxury sedan is not in the cards for Volvo.

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 [Source: Automotive News]

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