Canadian Gas Station Lets You Pay With Your Smartphone

Any driver in cold weather will agree, taking off your gloves to pay for your gas is a pain, especially when the temperature dips below freezing. One Canadian gas company is helping drivers stay warm by providing a smartphone app that allows users to pay for gas with their mobile device.

The app, which is available in the Apple App store, and the Google Play App Store, allows users to pay for their fill-ups and car washes while still staying warm inside their vehicles. The app is exclusive to Hughes Petroleum in Edmonton, although a pilot program has been going on in Massachusetts with some Cumberland Farms gas stations as well.

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The app works by getting users to register their credit card number. Once you arrive at the pump, buyers will enter the pump’s unique into the app, then select how much gas to buy. Users then have to manually pump their gas. The app also allows for car wash purchases with the app in the same manner.

The system aims to reduce congestion around the pumps by cutting down on buyers running into the store after pumping. It’s also convenient for buyers since they don’t have to stand outside any longer than they have to pump.

[Source: MobileSyrup]