BMW X4 Concept Previews Future of X Lineup

BMW X4 Concept Previews Future of X Lineup

With the official reveal its new X4 Concept, BMW is previewing of a more affordable version of the X6.

More importantly however, the German automaker has confirmed that the X4 Concept isn’t just a preview of a new model; it’s a glimpse at the future of the entire X lineup in terms of styling and design. That means what we see with the X4 Concept will inevitably trickle its way down to the X3, X5, and even the X6 which are all built at the BMW Plant Spartanburg in the USA.

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BMW first introduced the X6 in May 2008, calling it the world’s first Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) and though its design has been controversial, it’s been overall well-received and actually does quite well on the market. The X4 is essentially a baby version of the X6, and when it goes into production will become the brand’s second SAC.

With the revealing of the X4 Concept, BMW has stated that it also offers a preview of the future of the BMW X family featuring “eye-catching proportions, tight contours and numerous high-quality details.” Does that mean future X models will take on the role of being SACs? Not necessarily. But what we will see down the line is a continuation in using a longer wheelbase as the foundation of the X models while styling will feature a relatively long hood and short overhangs. Wheel arches in future X models will stay large and almost square in design.

Undoubtedly the success of the X4 will determine whether the German automaker continues to blend “the genes of a BMW Coupe” with future X models.



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