Ram Considering Luxury Truck Above Laramie Longhorn


There was a time when the term “luxury pickup truck” seemed like an oxymoron, but premium pickups are in high demand these days.

Which is why Ram CEO Reid Bigland isn’t hesitant to say that the American automaker isn’t quite sold that the Laramie Longhorn is the ceiling for the market. Priced at over $50,000 for a well-equipped model, the Laramie Longhorn Edition Ram pickup might not be the most expensive pickup Ram has to offer for long.

According to Bigland, Ram 1500 crew cab sales were up 63 percent in May and Bigland isn’t even sure “where the ceiling is on the premium pickup truck.”

Unfortunately he didn’t go into details on what a super-premium pickup truck would entail, but did mention that the automaker would have to be careful that the additional options weren’t just “frivolous.” Regardless, other automakers have seen a growth in the premium truck market and has reaped the benefits by outfitting their models with luxurious interiors and flashy exterior accessories.

In addition, the Ram brand is looking to expand into the commercial truck market. The American automaker will be importing the smaller Fiat Doblo to compete with the Ford Transit Connect, while the Fiat Ducato-based ProMaster launches within the next three months.

[Source: Automobile]

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