Chrysler IPO Mentions ‘First Ever’ Small SUV for Brand

Chrysler IPO Mentions ‘First Ever’ Small SUV for Brand

Hidden in the depths of Chrysler’s exhilarating IPO filing, the brand mentions a “first ever” small SUV.

There isn’t any mention of what that vehicle is called or what brand it will be built under, but the document reveals that it will be based on Fiat’s small wide platform, which currently underpins the 500L. It is most likely the sub-compact SUV that Jeep is expected to build in Italy and market globally in 2014, including sale in the U.S.

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That mini-ute will be similar in size to the Ford Fiesta. Sub-compact SUVs are proving to be strong sellers in the global market. Ford said in August that it plans to sell its Fiesta-based EcoSport crossover in 62 countries by 2017, although U.S. buyers will be left out.

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When the new Jeep product arrives, it will be the second product under that brand to share underpinnings with a Fiat product. The first is Jeep’s new Cherokee, which uses a new nine-speed automatic transmission and should arrive soon.

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