Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Power Van Packs 1,029 HP

Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Power Van Packs 1,029 HP

Thought the Bisimoto Hyundai Genesis Coupe boasting 1,000 hp was extreme? How about this Honda Odyssey minivan built to the tune of 1,029 hp?

Dubbed the Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey “Power-Van,” the fully-built motor features a pair of Turbonetics BTX7265 turbos. Tuning is taken care of thanks to an AEM Electronics Infinity ECU, while the motor is fed plenty of fuel through Deatschwerks 2,200-cc injectors and a Magnafuel 750-cc fuel pump.

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Hardly your typical soccer mom minivan, the Power-Van has also had its entire interior refinished for a more luxurious feel while rolling on 20-inch wheels with tires provided by Toyo.

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