New Toyota Supra Teased in Gran Turismo 6

New Toyota Supra Teased in Gran Turismo 6

Talk of a Supra successor from Toyota has been getting louder lately, and now the brand is releasing a concept car that foreshadows what we will see when that car arrives, albeit in digital form. 

The new concept will be available as downloadable content in Gran Turismo 6, the popular auto racing video game. It is part of the “Vision Gran Turismo program,” which is giving automakers a chance to show off upcoming design ideas through stunning in-game concept cars.

Without expressly saying that this a concept version of the upcoming Supra successor, Toyota coyly announced on its UK blog that, “this is the only image available at the moment but any talk of Toyota and new sports cars always leads to speculation on the introduction of a spiritual successor to the Supra.”

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There are no details on the car currently, but it is a popular belief that the new Supra will be the result of a collaboration between BMW and Toyota.

“We never comment on speculation but it’s clear that there are familiar proportions in the shape of the silhouette,” Toyota finished, all but confirming that this a new Supra concept.

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