Volvo Concept XC Coupe Previews Future Brand Design

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

We really haven’t heard much from Volvo lately. The Swedish automaker that didn’t go bankrupt has been pretty quiet, even when the Chinese took over. Still, they’ve been busy enough to release this vehicle in Detroit, the Concept XC Coupe.

Up front the brand’s so-called “floating grille” as well as T-shaped daytime-running lights define the car’s face. Supposedly this is the second of three design studies that preview Volvo’s new styling direction. Though, with the exception of its back end this two-door, four-seat car is rather boring. Orange accents and matte rubber moldings do add a touch of expression to an otherwise subdued vehicle.

However, a prominent dash-to-axle ratio does give it interesting proportions as do the monstrous 21-inch wheels it’s perched on.

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The XC Coupe concept demonstrates the capability of Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture, SPA for short. Its structure features high-strength boron steel and clever engineering that supposedly affords world-class safety without compromising design, size or weight.

With sophistication and capability this icy-white design study supposedly targets folks with active lifestyles; at least that’s what the press release says. And it’s a fitting demographic because Volvo was inspired by POC, a Swedish company that makes protective gear for athletes.

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Aside from design and a few other basic items Volvo has not shared much else about this vehicle. We have no idea what it’s powered by or have any interesting details like that to share. But it really doesn’t matter because the Concept XC Coupe is just that, a concept, so what difference does it make?

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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