Celebrating Our First Video With 1 Million Views


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This weekend marked the first time an AutoGuide video eclipsed the 1 million view mark on our YouTube channel!

Featuring the unusual competitors of the Ford Mustang Boss 302 and Mitsubishi Evo X, it’s a track shootout that stirred up plenty of debate among viewers. Comparing a rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated V8 machine with a conventional 6-speed manual to an all-wheel drive, turbocharged 4-cylinder with a dual-clutch transmission, there’s a never ending list of factors to argue over.

But which car was faster? If you’re not already one of the one million who have watched, check it out.

Plus, for a more detailed analysis, read the complete Ford Mustang Boss 302 vs Mitsubishi Evo comparison here.

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Rickers says:

F-ing sweet!

Scotty Jones says:

I’m picturing Dr. Evil reading the headline.