OnStar Offers Crisis Assist to all Customers

GM’s OnStar service is meant to help subscribers in all sorts of predicaments, but the company goes above and beyond in emergency situations. 

In the event of a hurricane, tornado or other major disaster, OnStar services will provide a full range of crisis assist services regardless of subscription plan, though you must at least have the base plan.

“Navigation, for example, is a premium service, but we provide it in Crisis Assist situations because it’s crucial for evacuation routes and getting people out of harm’s way,” said an OnStar spokesman.  “Also, there’s typically an extra cost to purchase Hands-Free Calling minutes, but in these situations our advisors will often comp additional minutes on someone’s vehicle, so they can get connected with loved ones when other communications are down.”

Advisors can be used for many different purposes, including directing you to a hospital, providing a detour around an issue or contacting emergency workers. OnStar workers can also update you as to the current weather conditions or with other pertinent information regarding the disaster.

GM says that OnStar has a relationship with over 6,000 911 call responders, and can always get in contact with them even if your cell phone can’t.

Recently, OnStar helped folks when tornadoes struck in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States and during the recent outbreak of wildfires in Southern California.